Duet 50 Slim

Duet 50 vs Duet 50 Pro vs Duet 50 Slim




  • Durable Metal Case: The lightweight case is constructed with an anodized metal shell that can protect your earbuds from any kind of damage.
  • 30 Hours of Battery Life: The Duet 50 Slim's pack enough power for any adventure! The earbuds can play 8 hours of music in a single sitting, and the slim charging case can power 22 more hours of music on the go.
  • Classic American Hi-Fi Sound: We tune all our headphones in our Boston headquarters to produce the classic “American Hi-Fi Sound” strong bass, a relaxed, natural midrange and crisp highs. 
  • Sweatproof: Completely unaffected by sweat or rain, the earbuds use internal nano-coating to create IPX-5 water resistance.
  • Built-in Microphone: Take hands-free phone calls on the go!

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