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Dual Charging Case - Charge 2 Devices at Once


  • Charge 2 Devices at Once: Easily charge any earbuds, fitness trackers or smartwatches on the go.
  • Long Battery Life: The built-in 1000 mAh battery has enough juice to power 42 hours of music in your wireless earbuds or 40 days with your fitness tracker.
  • Second USB Port: Plug in a USB cable to charge a second device, even if it has a proprietary charger.


  • NOTE: Not compatible with our "First Class 50" or "Duet 50" earbuds

    On-the-go like a pro

    Finally, you don’t have to remember to plug your Bluetooth headphones into a wall outlet every night! Back Bay’s Dual Charging Case contains enough juice for 42 more hours of listening. After every use, just connect your earbuds inside the case, zip it up and your buds are fully charged next time you want to use them. Say goodbye to workouts and commutes without music! 

    The Dual Charging Case supports simultaneous charging of two devices. If you ever want to charge your Fitbit or Apple Watch on the go, you can charge them at the same time as your earbuds by using the built-in USB port. Once your devices are fully charged the power bank will turn off automatically, so no energy is wasted. 

    Note: The case will not charge cellphones.

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